Friday, September 7, 2018


Hello, fellow authors!
I just wanted to give you a brief video update on my next novel. Check it out here!

No witches, no warlocks, no vampires. 
Just a sexy, rollicking tale about a guy trying to hit it big in Hollywood. 
 "A great summer read!" 
"A sexy Hollywood tale!" 
"It's WHAT MAKES SAMMY RUN for the 21st century!"


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Poetry: "A Thought Away"...

A Thought Away

The man on the corner
Stooped now
Memory shrouded in the purple-gray of decades past
Watches the small boy
Grasp a mother’s hand
But remembers well he does
That crystalline moment once upon a time
Of a mother’s touch
Of an all-enveloping smile
Of a perfect love
All so very long ago
But today...
...simply a thought away

Photo and Poetry by Vines

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Another nice review for my Hollywood novel!

Connecting with readers means a lot to any writer. Here's a nice review I recently received on Amazon for my novel LUIGI'S CHINESE DELICATESSEN...

"Jim Vines brilliantly captures the Hollywood experience with the acerbic wit and painful truths of a veteran screenwriter and once star-struck hopeful. While he may claim that 97% of this work is fiction, it’s clear that his characters are based on the Sunset Boulevardians he knows, and that he himself has suffered the peaks and valleys of a fickle industry. “Luigi’s Chinese Delicatessen” is hard to put down, as we keep hoping that [main character] Trent will get his big break.... Anyone who has ever thought of trying this game should read this book twice before heading out for L.A. Well done!"