Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Another nice review for my Hollywood novel!

Connecting with readers means a lot to any writer. Here's a nice review I recently received on Amazon for my novel LUIGI'S CHINESE DELICATESSEN...

"Jim Vines brilliantly captures the Hollywood experience with the acerbic wit and painful truths of a veteran screenwriter and once star-struck hopeful. While he may claim that 97% of this work is fiction, it’s clear that his characters are based on the Sunset Boulevardians he knows, and that he himself has suffered the peaks and valleys of a fickle industry. “Luigi’s Chinese Delicatessen” is hard to put down, as we keep hoping that [main character] Trent will get his big break.... Anyone who has ever thought of trying this game should read this book twice before heading out for L.A. Well done!"