Friday, September 25, 2015

Another solid review for my novel!

A Novel About Hollywood by Jim Vines

"I wasn't really sure what to expect with this book but it was an awesome read. I think I read it in only four sittings which is saying a lot because a) I'm really busy with two jobs and four kids, and b) it's over 300 pages long....I loved the parts of this story where the main character, Trent, got down to writing. There were tons of awesome scenes of him getting the writing done driven by inspiration, a deadline, or both. It's always cool to see how others write, and even though Trent is a fictional character, he sure feels real when you're reading the book. I loved seeing him struggle—and, man, did he struggle. It made me root for him big time. Jim Vines writes a great story [and it] moves at a great pace. It's not clogged up with unnecessary scenes or description. Just story. Even though the book is fairly long I sat down and before I knew it I had read like 74 pages. The crude language and sex scenes in this book weren't my cup of tea [but] I did appreciate...that the [sex scenes] would always end before going into much detail....I loved how the book was written in first person. It was like reading a memoir more than a fictional story, which was pretty sweet. The story had a great flow and it was fun to go for a ride through Hollywood with Trent as he struggles to get his art onto the page, and hopefully, onto the big screen."  Review by Dan Absalonson (4 out of 5 star rating)

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