Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Poetry for the Frazzled Oswald Goodheart

“Chasing Words”
Copyright (c) 1972 by Oswald Goodheart

I sit in the calm early hours
In my lonely, cramped room
My sturdy wooden desk before me
Hunched over my trusty Olivetti

A small lamp to light the way
Chasing words
Capturing them
Framing them neat and pretty.
But this night
The words
Those elusive devils
Play hide and seek
Teasing me
Mocking me from the shadows
As I sit at my wooden desk
Gazing into the void
Caught between somewhere 
And nowhere at all
And I dare to blame the tedious drip, drip, drip
Of a leaking spigot.
So this early morn 
In my cramped, lonely room
I sit and I tap out unsuitable words
Which I will frame neat and pretty
Words which shall forevermore remind me
And remind you, my friends
I can’t write for shit!

-- Oswald Goodheart

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No witches, warlocks or vampires...
just a sexy tale about a guy trying to live the Hollywood dream...
Luigi's Chinese Delicatessen by Jim Vines

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